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Promotional Advice
Please accept the information below as a guide to offer suggestions for publicizing a concert and encouraging maximum attendance for success!

This advice section will cover aspects of Flyer/Poster concert promotion and a few tips for media promotion...

First, the single most important thing when you want to promote a concert is to start delegating duties and make sure helpers know what's expected of them.

So Let's Start!

[Flyers and Posters]
It's important to have a well designed, eye-catching flyer or poster. It will show people that the concert deserves their anticipation, time and money.

The Artists' management may provide you with some flyers or posters to begin.

If you prefer to create your own flyer or poster, you should find a graphics professional or printing company willing to donate services in exchange for advertising.

If it's the first time the Artist is coming to your town or city be sure to included a testimonial on the flyer or poster, a flyer that simply advertises an artist or group will mean nothing to someone who has never heard of them!

Assign volunteers to post the flyers in places likely to attract the most attention. Try grocery stores, local Chamber of Commerce offices, art councils or other communities, malls, shopping plazas, music stores, bookstores, galleries and other popular gathering spots where flyers are displayed routinely, but be sure to ask for permission before posting.

Do not forget to post the flyers or posters to the concert location itself! Try to hang posters as close to the average eye level as possible.

[Media and other Sources of Publicity]
If possible use calendars, newspapers, magazines or radio and tv stations if possible. Radio and TV Stations may be willing to announce events for free.

Be sure to notice them many weeks in advance. In the listing include the date of the concert, time, location, ticket price, ticket outlets, and sponsors, of course, and phone numbers for Information.

Ask for promotional material from the Artists' Management like interviews, video clips, song samples, photographs, etc. Try to deliver the material to the Media along with the news release announcing the concert.

Make sure and follow up by phone, ask from the management to arrange an interview with the Artist(s) if possible. Discuss other possibilities.

Provide Artists' promo material (if available) to radio stations likely to air it. Encourage them to play it often especially a week or two before the concert. Have volunteers and friends telephone the stations and request more.

If you are using an answering machine, make a recording using sound clip from the artists. Advertise the phone numbers available to call in newspaper or on the radio. Include a short message in the recordings detailing concert info.

When you are online, subscribe to any music-related newsgroups or bulletin boards, post messages about your anticipation, plans and later show specific information! Of course if you own a website, consider creating a special area to advertise the concert with a hot-link to the Artists' Home Page (if any).

Ask the media to co-sponsor (sharing in work or revenues) or to endorse the concert for publicity purposes. If they say "Yes" then make sure you include a "Co-Sponsored By" message in the flyers and other promotional material.